Monday, 13 May 2013


Last wednesday I received the most page views I've ever had in one day (mostly thanks to this post). I'm guessing it was a lot of new traffic thanks to Kirsty's blog. And how did I deduce this? Sadly I'm no sherlock holmes so I just relied on good old blogger. And blogger told me that not only did that post get a lot of views, my 'about' page was also a big hit, probably from people wondering what the deal is over here. Makes sense. It's what I do when I visit a new-to-me blog.

I'd not really checked my about page in a while but by god I wish I had. Bottom line is: it'd been neglected. Barely anything had been changed since I started this blog (over 2 years ago) and it made me actually cringe a bit to read it (much like looking back on old photographs of yourself and saying "what am I wearing?!").

But now, now there will be no more cringing! The 'about' page has been updated! And you can see it, in all it's more relevant glory, by clicking there to the right of this post!

Incidentally I also made some new little buttons for my right hand column stuff. I cannot help but doodle.

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