Tuesday, 6 May 2014

granny square blanket

At the end of April I finally finished my granny square blanket but only got around to photographing it this weekend. Quite fitting really as I started it on the early May bank holiday weekend last year!

So yes, it took an entire year to make but then again there was no rush to complete it. Comprised of 195 squares, it was the perfect project to pick up as and when I felt like doing some work on it. Crocheting the squares was very satisfying - I had quite a collection of wool to choose from, so it was fun picking which colours to put together. Joining the rows however, was pretty laborious, the only satisfaction was seeing it gradually increase in size.

I'd planned to do a scalloped border but having done about a third of one edge I unravelled it because it looked waaaay too fussy. Instead I just did 2 x double crochet - kinda boring but I think the simple edging looks better with all the jazzy squares.

Annoyingly I've finished this just in time for Summer - how useful. Ah well, hopefully it'll come in use by the end of the year. I wouldn't say this has put me off making another crochet blanket, but a different design (with less or even no granny squares at all) might be a plan.


  1. This is amazing!! And those lil' elephant pillows are adorable too!

  2. Wowaweewoo! Congratulations! This is amazing, I've got about 3 that I've started and given up on due to 1000 excuses like lack of wool, lack of time, don't like the colours... Yours is so pretty! x

    1. thanks Becca! Yeah, I know what you mean - I didn't do any work on it for about three months last summer because it was "too hot to crochet". If there was an excuse, I found it! X

  3. This is gorgeous! Well done for finishing, the colours are very pretty :)

  4. Well done Annie, this looks amazing. Im constantly pinning crochet blankets to make on pinterest but i dont even know how to crochet......some day! :)


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