Thursday, 15 May 2014

white hart lane

On Monday I went to watch my first ever live football match. Thankfully, it wasn't a league game - I don't think I could've handled the stress. Instead, it was former Spurs captain, Ledley King's testimonial match.

I had no idea what a testimonial was so in case you're also in the's like a big old send off match when a player retires. I think the money from ticket sales goes to the player's charity of choice. The current Spurs squad were pitched against a team of King's choosing all of whom had to have played for Spurs at one time. Excitingly this meant that a lot of the old greats (I say old, I just mean that I actually remember them from World Cup games) including Teddy Sheringham and David Ginola (who at 47 was still looking pretty damn fine) were in attendance. There was also a spattering of more recent Spurs players (that I recognised) - Berbatov, Crouch and Scott Parker.

As the pitch was just full of ex and current Spurs players the atmosphere was superb - everyone was in high spirits. I got to sing all the chants - not one of which was rude. I had it in my head that it'd be really foul mouthed but Mitch pointed out that it was a friendly game and that we were sitting in the 'family section'. The spectators did get a mexican wave going round on both levels which was cool and the actual football was pretty fun too. In the first half all the players bundled King and he was awarded a penalty; in the second half one of the linesman gave his flag to a spectator so he could have a go; even the ref had a bit of a kick about at one point!

Despite the absolutely shitty weather, all the players seemed to be having a whale of time. As did I :) King received an all-mighty applause at the end and rightly so. I read up about him afterwards and he really sounds like a decent bloke not to mention a stellar defender both for England and his club which he's been loyal to throughout his entire career.

Although I've watched a fair few rugby games at Twickenham, I think I've been converted! If Mitch asked me to go again I'd be more than happy to return to White Hart Lane.

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