what's it all about?

So, you've stumbled across Beard Today, Gone Tomorrow and you're probably wondering what the hell it's all about. Here we go then...

It's written by me, a 20-something Londoner who, by day, edits, hand-models and interviews people for craft (and other) magazines. But by night, I'm an avid film watcher, doodler, keen stitcher, novice knitter, cheese addict and book lover with a penchant for dinosaurs, sunglasses, pale ale, playing the ukulele, geometric patterns and science fiction. I live in South West London with my occasionally beardy boyfriend, Mitch, and our strawberry-loving hamster, Moriarty

The name of the blog comes from Mitch's spazmodic beard growing. Many times have I kissed a beardy him goodbye in the morning only to return from work in the evening to find him shaven and shorn, which is always a damn shame - big fan of the beard, me.

So, what'll you find on here? All the stuff that floats my boat, namely: my various attempts to make stuff, book + film reviews and my adventures around London town and beyond!

If you fancy getting in touch you can always leave me a message in the comments or send an email to: beardtoday (dot) gonetomorrow (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for stopping by :)


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