Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fancy Tea & The Circle of Life

Earlier this month I not only enjoyed delicious tea and four courses of tea-time treats but also a darn good view of a major west end musical. Lucky old me!

To celebrate my mum's birthday my dad organised (let's be honest) a bloody good day out (well done dad). At 3pm we took afternoon tea at the Savoy Hotel. It's a beautiful place with an exquisite tearoom - glass domed ceiling, incredibly comfortable seats, tea - pages of tea to choose from which is then served and topped up by super attentive waiters/waitresses, plates of posh finger sandwiches, mini scones, pastries and cake (which arrive on a gorgeous little 3 tiered cake stand) all accompanied by an extensive repertoire on the grand piano (classical, jazz even disney stuff - Ariel's Part of that World played as we took our seats!). It's an incredibly indulgent experience (do not eat lunch before) that I would highly recommend, especially for tea lovers. If you're not a fan of tea they have other drinks too including champagne (they call it a Tipsy Afternoon Tea).

Two & a half hours later (and swollen with tea) we went to watch The Lion King on stage. My mum had been wanting to watch it for years, and for years she tried to get us all to decide upon a date to go and see it together - mission accomplished, finally. The show is amazing - the costumes, the singing (it really is a top dollar song list in The Lion King), the dancing, the set. I've noticed that I am always in awe of the sets created on these west end stages and how they combat a otherwise problematic incidents in the plot, for example, a wildebeest stampede (you know, when Mufasa dies)! To whoever comes up with solutions to these: you have seriously impressive imaginations.

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