Saturday, 21 January 2012


The end of January is in sight and incase you were wondering progress has been made with the To Do list of 2012. Saving has begun,  and in my mind I'm spending the non-existant/meagre amount - a holiday in a hot climate MUST be booked this year. Trainers have been bought and two jogging routes have been founded (a circuit of Brockwell park at the weekends, and a run around Herne Hill during the week). The jogging is killing me and my body aches and of course I probably look ridiculous but at least the initial push has been made, all I have to do now is stick with it. As for the projects January's one has been completed :) something nice and easy to start me off. Also in project related news, I found some amazing typewriter fabric, the only question that remains is what will I make with it...February's craft project probably!
New trainers bought intentionally for exercise, it's a first.

January's project: fabric flower garland :)

Pretty new fabrics from the 30's playtime range, so many possibilities!

Just too cute.

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