Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello 2012!

So here it is, 2012 and the first hopeful list of the new year (I've decided to not entitle it 'resolutions' as  it sounds waaay more intimidating than 'to do'). 
1. Make (and finish at least) one craft project a month. I've got a quite a few ideas lined-up using fabric, paper, painting, drawing and some will require my excellent sewing machine! Things to come: (fingers crossed) cushion, curtain for the living room, I've got quite a lot of fabric scraps left over from xmas for some more bunting, perhaps I'll try my hand at dress making...
2. Ah exercise, my old foe. 2011 has definitely been a year of great contentment (that's how my dad refers to my shape) so some (a lot of) running is in order!
3. As my savings from last year have all been spent (moving = expensive) it's time to start again. Putting some dollar away for a rainy day is just good practice so it makes the list. I'm mostly just thinking about how I can spend the savings in 2012...a desk, new sofa, a holiday...
Other things to consider for the new year: bake more (attempt to make pie), draw more (try screen printing and design a t-shirt), make lots of use of Brockwell Park, have another fabulous year with friends, family and my lovely beardy boyfriend.

1 comment:

  1. oh i do like the dinosaur in the corner, is that part of the 'coming soon' tshirt design? tis very cute and fat heheh


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