Friday, 10 February 2012

Dispose of it?!

Of what? The camera of course!

About three years ago (possibly four) I went through a phase of buying disposable cameras mostly for when travelling abroad (not sure why) - Benicassim festival in Spain, Albania and Greece. Boots were selling the cameras very cheaply (I think it was buy one get one free) so a few were bought and all but one was used...until recently!

When Mitch and I moved to Brixton (therefore gaining space) my parents thought it would be a great idea for me to go through the stuff I'd left in my old room at their house, presumably with the hope I'd chuck it or take it to Brixton. Sadly I hoard things so there was plenty to sort through. Amongst my A level work, old diaries and my collection of mini lizards from Syon Park Butterfly House (don't ask) I found the unused disposable camera. I decided I'd use it photographically document the move from Surbiton to Brixton. It worked to an extent but I used it very sporadically until our flat-warming (see previous post) where we got drunk and finished the roll!

Results: pretty crap really and not particularly flattering. However it was quite a novelty to hand them in and wait for them to be developed. I relived that feeling from when I was younger (13-15yrs old when many terrible pictures were taken before the days of affordable digital cameras) of getting the pack of pictures back and being pleasantly surprised that actually one or two had came out alright.

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