Friday, 24 February 2012

Musical Bingo!

There's been a lot of chatter about Drink Shop & Do, particularly of late (Betty magazine, friends even my editor at work) and I've been meaning to go for some time, so finally, last night, I went and just as everyone said I would - I love it!

For anyone who has not visited the former sex shop just around the corner from Kings Cross station - you must! And here's why: there's a lovely selection of tea and delicious cocktails if you fancy something with a kick, a plethora of tasty cakes (I highly recommend the lemon and almond drizzle), treats and sweets, a mini shop at the entrance selling pretty items from earrings to wrapping paper AND they host a variety of themed evenings and events throughout the week so there's something for everyone. To top it off your drinking, shopping and doing experience is housed in a space nothing short of awesome - packed with retro furniture and vintage odds and ends.

(My sister) Katie and I opted for Musical Bingo which is pretty much what it sounds like, instead of having numbers on your bingo card there are songs which you cross off as and when the DJ plays them. There are four themed rounds each with four opportunities to win a prize. Your host for the evening is Jess Indeedy who is quite simply fabulous. Katie and I sat right at the back and so had furthest to run if we did in fact win - little did we know we'd have to run up twice! First in the motown round (I won some dark chocolate tunnock's teacakes - yum) and then we got a full house in the soundtrack round earning us two bingotinis (gin based and dandy cocktails) on the house! Four cocktails later and it was time to go home but not before the DJ gave me some sweets for having a cool t-shirt - it was the dinosaur one, a clear winner.

It takes place at 8pm on the last thursday of the month and costs 7 quid for a ticket - I'd get them in advance because it was jam-packed when we went, there's a link on the Drink Shop & Do website. So, if you like music, bingo and cocktails (I think that takes in most of us) you'll be very happy here indeed!

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