Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday's Tees - Ace of Spades

Tuesday. There's not much going on with Tuesdays - it's not the beginning, middle or end of the week, neither is it the one day standing between you and Friday. It's a fairly 'meh' day. So... Hello Tuesday's Tees! The designated day where I take a look around for new, old, funny and of course awesome tees to share with you! 

For this first instalment of Tuesday's Tees (and in-keeping with the whole London and New York Fashion Weeks 2012) I have been majorly coveting Kate Spade's super simple slogan t-shirts. You won't find many (or in fact any) slogan tees in my own t-shirt collection as I'm not usually a fan but there's something about these statements that appeal to me muchly - particularly the one below!
The little black collar is a perfect addition, and the cute bow belt and skirt combine to make a bloody good outfit. It's great to see the humble white tee showing off it's versatile nature. In Kate Spade's A/W12 collection it's used for both your fancy AND more casual looks.

And, because it's pancake day (probably the most exciting Tuesday of all Tuesdays), here, via the Sharing Machine, is a pancake tee design for good measure.

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