Wednesday, 6 June 2012

lovely jubbly jubilee!

For the past four days, I and my fellow Great Britons and Commonwealth chums have been celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - that's 60 years on the throne! There's been street parties and a concert outside the palace, parades and processions (on the Thames as well as on the roads), speeches and bunting (miles and miles of it!) London's been a-wash with red white and blue. I'm not the biggest royalist and to be honest I've not thrown myself into the very thick of the celebrations but the joviality in the capital has been pretty infectious and it's been great to see everyone getting together to have a good time! We had a little party on the Monday with all the trims :)

Party munch including Coronation Chicken - get it?! :)

patriotic goodies

I've gotta add, hats off to all those who were outside at any point celebrating during a seriously cold and wet June bank holiday weekend (ah, trust our english weather), I admire your spirit muchly! And that includes the Queen herself - she is after-all in her 80s and I swear she always wears heals!

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