Friday, 15 June 2012

Further Confessions of a Hand Model

So the magazine has been going for 6 months now but my hands have been on call for 10. Since my first confessions post I now have a few more to share...

  • When accidentally injuring my hands my first thought is rarely "oh no I've hurt myself, more like "OH NO! I've got a photo shoot next week, will this heal in time?!!"
  • I'm beginning to feel competitive towards other hand models. The photographer at the studio happened to mention that he'd been photographing another girl's hands the day before our shoot and I asked how her hands were. The reply: "Beautiful, actually." *small twinge of jealousy* which is obviously completely ludicrous.
  • Becoming increasingly judgemental and critical about my hands in shots (and real life - see below) whether it's my gigantic thumbs, bird quack pose or my especially protuberous knuckles.
  • I've begun to notice things about my hands that I'd never noticed before. For example: my little finger is vastly smaller than my other three fingers (especially my left one) . Now that's it's been pointed out to me it's very distracting.
  • When I do let my nails grow (and when I've not been attacking the skin around them) they do look quite nice - especially as they managed to benefit from the two weeks of sunshine we had a few weeks ago. *oh the vanity*


  1. Wow - a hand model, that is so a profession I never thought actually existed! I can understand the jealousy pangs though - I get jealous over random things too, only briefly, like you said above, but enough to make me feel a little silly!

    1. yeah it's kinda weird. hand models in the big leagues - with seriously beautiful hands - get paid quite a lot of money and have to insure their hands too - it's a crazy world we live in :)


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