Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday's Tees - ON SALE!

All these tees are currently on sale - easy on the eye and won't break the bank!

Eskimo Pop - grizzly but cute tee from Threadless - sizes left in guys and girls AND it's under $10 :)
Space Scape - v.cool t-shirt from American Apparel only £9.50, bargain.
Poncho Tee - Loving this oversized tee from ASOS
White Bison - Sandra Dieckmann's excellent illustration of the majestic bison is only £6! If only I was a few sizes smaller! 
Who invited the Herbivore? - Awesome dinosaur doodle from Gemma Correll. All the girl's sizes are sold out but they've got some smalls and mediums left in the guy's section.
 Play Hooky - These were in fact the tees that started the whole Tuesday's Tees adventure! There's a couple of Kate Spade's other slogan tees available at reduced prices too!

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