Wednesday, 15 August 2012

when's it due?

I do not often rant on here - mostly because rants are rather negative by nature - but you must forgive me on this occasion.

I was walking home from work this evening when a man stopped me on the way to the train station and said "if you don't mind me asking, are you nearly due?"

That's right folks a complete stranger not only thought I was pregnant, 9 months pregnant that is – ie carrying a full-term, ready-to-be-born baby, but also thought that it was a perfectly reasonable thing to ask me! Seriously WTF. I was just minding my own business, thinking about what to make for dinner when from nowhere some bloke is asking whether I'm about to pop?!?!?! What I should have said was "actually yeah, I do mind!"

On the tube home I thought two things: 1. Do I honestly look 9 months pregnant? 2. It's really none of that random man's or anyone else's business if I am or not.

Whilst on the tube I also mused about how I felt:
I felt like crap because I clearly looked big enough to be smuggling a small human being inside of me - especially as I was secretly quite pleased with my current efforts at exercising more (it's obviously not had any effect as yet).
I felt a slight shame because no, contrary to what he believed, I'm not helping to populate the earth.
I felt sad because one of my favourite dresses will now always be tainted by the dreaded 'are you pregnant' question.
And I felt angry that that stupid man had made me feel the previous three things.

Who are these jerks who think they can ask that question to women they don't even know.
Take note jerks:

it is NOT ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant - if she is and you're worthy of the news she will tell you herself.

If/when I'm ever pregnant the whole sodding world will hear about it - I am going to wear so much maternity stuff. And if/when I am pregnant I hope I shall be able to embrace the change that will happen to my body or at least hold a more positive attitude to how I look. In the mean time I'm thinking of making some badges or tote bags with the slogan: 'nope - not pregnant, but I'm SO glad you asked'.

Rant over. On a lighter note I can share this picture. The closest I've ever been to being pregnant is when I dressed up as 'Juno' for a work 'movie character' themed party. The bump was played by a pillow :)


  1. I saw the picture before I read the post and was like WHAT YOU'RE PREGNANT! But that is a very rude comment on a man's part, as if you would ask a man a personal question about his sex life or even reproductive goals ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT OR in Public! What a gross man!
    It's also terrible that he made you feel that way
    That's like saying to a man on the train "Excuse me, do you use viagra?" Really bad.

    You look cute as Juno though!
    much love ^.^ xxxxxx - alexa

    1. I know right! I would never ever ask a man or woman anything like that, it's really quite a personal thing, I guess some people just aren't aware or care for social boundaries! Dressing up as Juno was do love that film :)

  2. That guy was just rude, you don't even vaguely look like you could be 9 months pregnant! He sounds like a weirdo. Great Juno outfit though. Thanks for your comments on my blog, I live near Brixton too - the Loughborough Junction side just by Ruskin Park. I think I'd miss Brixton too much right now at the moment, it's definitely high on my list of things keeping me in London.

    Have a good day x

  3. Yeah he was odd-he went in to ask me about my well-being and if I knew about the importance of vitamins! Oh cool, I kno that park-been trying to explore the area a bit more and south London in general - parts of it are awesome and I admit life without Brixton market would take some getting used to! X

  4. Aw boo I can't believe that guy, what a fool. Amy has been asked quite a few times too, which is crazy. Neither of you look pregnant.

    I remember that Juno outfit, told ye the skirt finished the costume nicely. x


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