Friday, 24 August 2012

dress dilemma

My v.good friend is getting married in just over two weeks and I am without a dress - cue much internet searching and procrastination - ie ignoring that little refined search button known as 'price range'. It's a dangerous thing to do because what happens is that you find a dress you really like and oh, it's £120. And then you tell yourself, it's a great dress and you will definitely wear it again so it's totally worth blowing over half the amount of money you have to survive the upcoming month. Behold, the best dress I have EVER seen. The Cosmonaut Dress by ModCloth.
At $171.99 it is way out of price range (that's just under 114 english pounds) but could this dress be any more perfect? Pockets, buttons, a belt, that amazing collar and of course the spaceship and planet fabric. I probably don't need to point out that it's not really suitable for a wedding...but who cares?!
I want need this dress.

Also on my search I came across some other awesome dresses worthy of note:
It's totally acceptable to wear black to a wedding right? What about stars, everyone likes stars right? Oh. *Starting to loose motivation*
As you can see, by this point I'd almost given up on my search for smart dresses - I am v.casual at heart.
I managed to tear myself away from the casual numbers and found these two. I really like both of them...but which one?


  1. the cosmonaut dress is awesome but waaaay too expensive. I think the brunch with buds dress would look nice or the blueberry buckle, but i was actually going to ask about the latter as i need a dress for my birthday, also in just two weeks and i've been wearing the same three dresses for literally five years!

  2. the black one is fab! i don't think black at a wedding is unacceptable, i intend to wear black at my own xx


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