Wednesday, 8 August 2012


As a rule I wear very little make-up for three v.important reasons: 1. I have honestly no idea how to wear it (obviously I can manage simple stuff like eye-liner and lip-gloss). 2. I touch my face, especially my eyes, A LOT and would therefore probably just end up smudging everything. 3. I can't be bothered...apart from the eye-liner and lip-gloss - I am pretty lazy. Buuuuuuut, last Saturday I wore false eye-lashes for the first time ever and I have to say: they are awesome. I know, who'd have though it - little old me who never even wears foundation or eye shadow or lippy! Of course I couldn't put them on myself but I'm damn well going to have a go the next time I wear them! Next time? Yup - I've got a pair that are reusable so it'd be a waste (and a shame) not to wear them again, the only question is when...

These are the ones I got, mostly because they say they are compatible with contacts and because they didn't cost the earth! I have to admit that when I was in the shop trying to choose a pair, the lashes reminded me of dead butterflies in display frames but hey, a girl can change her mind!

I'd definitely recommend this particular pair - the best thing about them was that not only did they give my eye-lashes a boost they also managed to provide, what looked like, some eye liner. In the pic below I've no eye make-up on at all. Just the lashes :) Not bad huh? And the reason for the falsies...a very good friend is getting married in a month, Saturday was her hen night :)


  1. They look awesome! I've never even considered trying a pair of these...but I kind of want to now. I didn't know they made some labeled as "contact lens friendly"! I like that you're getting a little extra fancy for your friend's wedding.

    1. thank you! I would say try them :) yeah, it's kinda fun to dress up once in a while!


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