Thursday, 18 October 2012

cornwall, circa summer '93

Not that long ago I entered a competition which required you to find an old holiday photo and describe the nostalgic-ness surrounding it. Sadly I didn't win but the competition lead me (and my sister and parents) to look back upon some v.old holiday snaps. My parents have boxes upon boxes of photographs (not to mention an impressive album collection) from when my sister and I were little. Overall I'm really glad that they were snap happy, some of the photographs unearthed were absolute gems, bringing back great memories and stories. However, in amongst the large semi-labelled photograph collection I was searching for pictures from a v.specific holiday. Eventually, we found them: our family holiday to Cornwall in the summer of 1993. Here are three of my favourites from those two weeks.

I absolutely loved the coast (and still do) - all the caves to explore, rocks to climb, sea to swim in. That's me in the bright yellow raincoat and my sister to the left. 
I love this shot - my sister, me and my mum in a line following a gravelly path heading seawards. 

Me and my sister (yes we are both wearing socks with our sandals). 
We look so small. I like the angle of this picture, I can just imagine my dad balancing on a rock trying to take it. I lived in that hat and I actually still have it somewhere.


  1. that first one is great--looks like a shot from a film! surprised you didn't win with that one! x

  2. I love these! and, haha - I have the same haircut as your little sis in that picture! ;D

  3. Shame about the compeltition, but it sounds like it was totally worth it to get you looknig at some old photos! This definitely inspires me to go have a look through all my parents' old albums.


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