Tuesday, 4 December 2012


So this post is a little late but between work, visiting family, braving oxford street and knightsbridge I've not had to time to blog much. I didn't want this december to pass me by without mentioning advent calendars. We've not got one this year but whilst doing some research for work I came across some absolute crackers (excuse the festive pun).

This equally colourful and cute little advent town is available as a print out, whilst this little calendar uses customised matchboxes to house the daily december treats.

These two shop stocked calendars caught my eye for very different reasons. First off - the pattern on the packaging for the Ciate one is beau-ti-ful and the surprises behind each door are just as spectacular - a pretty new nail polish every day throughout december...um, yes please. (I know this it doesn't have anything to do with Christmas whatsoever but the colours look great...)

Second - the lego star wars calendar. All those words suggest that it should be one awesome calendar but the packaging was enough to put me off - Is that Darth Maul dressed as Santa (weird)? Can I see a jar jar binks figure? No thanks.

Here's a link to four more rather excellent calendars including a completely edible one. Now that's what I'm talking about.

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