Wednesday, 30 January 2013

birthday wish list

Just a little wishing and a-hoping seeing as it's my birthday next week...
I've been wanting this bear cushion for almost as long as I've wanted a new sofa! Both will happen by the end of the year.
Our kitchen is seriously lacking a blender, nothing fancy just something for soups and smoothies - this one would do.
I'm already thinking ahead to (hopefully) better weather, reckon these flatform type pumps would be perfect for that spring/summer!
new year (in terms of me getting older) new notebook - standard. There are so many awesome looking ones on etsy and folksy at the mo, a girl is spoilt for choice! 
Perfume. I'm really loving Marc Jacob's Daisy.
More shoes! V.much want these patent loafers either in the blue above or black.
The Colette 'hazel dress' pattern. I'd like to try my hand at dressmaking with a pattern again. The last time I tried I was so confused but this one's for beginners and it looks pretty simple (famous last words)....
Isn't the neckline on this dress just awesome? God knows where I'd wear it, but that doesn't stop me coveting it.
Something a little more casual but the lacey print and pockets make this dress a winner.
This fabric is quite simply beautiful, even the name of it sounds rather magical '1000 cranes in indigo'. It's currently "coming soon", but not soon enough though! I might try making an item of clothing out of it... it's too good for a cushion...

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  1. i like your blog! great now i have my eye on that bear cushion as well. always cushion up!


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