Thursday, 31 January 2013

bye-bye january

It's been a funny old month. January's always a bit of a tough pill to swallow after the highs of christmas and new years. This year, we managed to delay the festive come-down by getting on a plane and flying away. But having to return from the best holiday ever certainly made back-to-work-January an even bigger slap in the face than usual. (Reading that back it's like I'm looking for sympathy for going on holiday, ha! Not my intention at all.) *sigh* New York, was that really only three weeks ago? It feels like months since we were stomping around the streets of Manhattan.  But then that's another terrible trait of relentless January stretching out forever, as far as the eye can see!

In some ways it hasn't been a great start to 2013:
Health-wise – I seem to be collecting ailments as fervently as my 8 year old self collected pogs (remember pogs?!)
Financially – damn you mr tax man, damn you!
General levels of energy - I've been knackered ever since arriving at Heathrow (jet-lag definitely played a role) which has effected my mood (uncharacteristically grumpy), my punctuality to work (abysmal), my ability to socialise (slovenly at best), the flat (neglected).

However some truly great things have happened in Jan:
Being in NYC for 8 days of it (duh)
Catching up with a few friends over dinner/drinks
Seriously embracing the crochet (god, it's addictive)
Something else that's pretty exciting which I'll share soon...

So yeah, this was basically a bitch about how January is waaaaay too long but it's fine, the end (of the moan and month) is here – huzzah!


  1. You crocheted those?? I taught myself how to crochet in the last few months, but I've been dying to know how to do that pattern. Is it something you can share? A youtube vid maybe?? I'd love whatever you can send...

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