Sunday, 20 January 2013

under the weather


London and pretty much the entire UK was blanketed in snow this weekend, turning the grubby old city into a winter wonderland. One thing you gotta know about me: I love snow. But what really sucked was that this snow coincided with me being all kinds of ill which peaked on Friday - a sprained knee, a seriously bad cold and conjunctivitis - I tell you now, it was not pretty. So, unable to go outside and enjoy the snow I spent the majority of the weekend drinking lemsip max and getting on with a bit of sewing. My parent's quilt top is almost finished (yes it was supposed to be a christmas present but hey, who doesn't like a late present? Jan and Feb are notoriously depressing) and I made myself a case for my ipod as it desperately needed one (I should not be trusted with expensive things). I also got on with my new favourite thing - crochet! I've been wanting to learn for a while now and over Christmas my nan taught me the main stitches. It is addictive and soooo therapeutic. I'm only making granny squares at the moment with the view to stitch them all together to make a blanket. It's going to take me forever but that's cool, crochet is the perfect thing to pick up as and when I fancy it. Today I did venture outside for a snowy trip to Essex to see Mitch's parents. The countryside looked beautiful and I even put my wellies to good use stomping around in the untouched (20cm deep!!!) snow in their garden - well happy. 

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  1. Hope you are feeling better x good to see that you have started to crochet it's addictive ><


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