Monday, 4 February 2013

he asked me on the brooklyn bridge

The most exciting thing that happened in January took place in the very first 10 minutes of it - basically the rest of the month hadn't a hope in hell of living up to it :)
post pizza doodling in hoboken

We were standing on Brooklyn Bridge on new years eve, the small crowd had just counted down to midnight and we were watching the fireworks, Mitch said he needed to tell me something and pulled me over to a less busy bit. Then he got down on one knee, held up a ring and asked me to marry him. I said yes (obvs) :D 

We've been together for around 4 years (the dates are a little hazy, we never really had a moment of 'now we are boyfriend and girlfriend') and living together for nearly 3. The proposal was a complete surprise, although a number of my friends had already called it. We rang our respective parents to tell them the news but that was it, no one else knew and for the first three days it was our secret. It took a while for everything to sink in and to be honest I still can't believe it's actually happening. Talking to Mitch about wedding ideas/stuff is pretty surreal but fun. There's seems to be a lot to think about and plan but I'm not worrying yet it's just super exciting, the wedding day of course, but also all the stuff that happens after that - the rest of our lives really :) 

I'm not a gushy person BUT these things must be said: the proposal was v.romantic, I'm unbelievably happy and I love this man more than anything 


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