Thursday, 21 February 2013

4 things

This January I didn't make my usual 'goal list' for the year for several reasons:
1. I was in New York and therefore had much better things to do.
2. Some of the things that might've gone on the list would've been impossible to start whilst in New York (cutting down on sugary stuff? Not when I can have pancakes for breakfast EVERYDAY!)
3. Many of the resolutions I was thinking about making for 2013 no longer feel relevant. Events transpired in New York which have made me think very differently about the next couple of years or so.

Now, I'm a girl who likes a list so I'm not doing away with a plan entirely. Ultimately I just think too much pressure is placed on 'new year's resolutions', January is an awful month as it is, it doesn't need the added gloom of resolutions being broken. Instead, the plan I have is two fold and starts now:

1. Note down the things I need to change about my life in general. Not resolutions as such because these aren't just for the year, the aim is to make them second nature.
2. Each month make a mini list of things I want to accomplish, some or all of which relate to the main offenders in step one.

And those 4 things I aim to change...

De-clutter - I have SO much stuff. Unnecessary stuff. Stuff that's just gotta go. I've always been a hoarder but recently (and only recently, worryingly) it's really started to bother me. It's time to make my belongings a little more streamlined. For starters I'm instigating a one in one out policy on my wardrobe (and shoe rack).

Health - Spraining my knee in New York was not only bloody painful but huuuugely inconvenient. The fact that it's only now, 8 weeks later, feeling almost back to normal again really made me think: our bodies do a hell of a lot for us, the least I can do for mine is look after it properly. To lay the groundwork on this change I'm going to drink more water, 8 glasses a day to be precise, and walk for at least 20 mins everyday.

Money - I did something pretty stupid a while ago and now I'm paying for it, literally. So now, at 26 (better late than never), I'm going to wise-up when it comes to my finances. And saving has never been so important what with a wedding to plan...

Do More New - It's true, I totally stole Honda's tag-line but it is completely relevant. Every now and again everybody feels like their stuck in the revolving doors of life, going round and round in the same old routine. So this change is intended to jazz things up a bit!

I'm feeling super positive so let's see how I get on...


  1. Like it a lot. Little changes are the best way to start as they usually lead on to bigger things changing without you even realising it. I also find watching Hoarders makes me get rid of all my clutter. Good luck with the goals x

  2. I am so with you on the needing to save up some dough bit. And de-cluttering. And getting healthy. And doing more things. Bring it oh, eh?

    Lauren at in between idols.


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