Friday, 15 February 2013

boursin muffins

Savoury muffins were a new challenge for me and as this attempt wasn't a complete disaster I thought I'd share them with you.

I love boursin (more than is probably socially acceptable) so it seemed like the logical choice for the main ingredient.

I used this recipe but added a bit more milk than it states. Once I'd combined everything the mixture looked really dry so in went more milk...Also, I couldn't find oat bran in either of my local supermarkets so I used porridge oats, not entirely sure if it matters... Next time I make them I think I might add more boursin (can't hurt) and, rather importantly, remember to take them out of the oven before they start to burn, oops!
They taste at their best slightly warm with a little bit of butter. And FYI they make a great bready accompaniment to soup (if you don't have any actual bread to hand)! I'm going to try some other boursin based recipes...scones seem like a good bet...

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