Thursday, 28 February 2013

February: short but oh so sweet

It's been a bloody good month, jam-packed full of fun things. Some of the highlights:
My birthday (the actual day and the weekend house party obvs!)
Meeting my cousin's baby for the first time (he's only a month old - so cute)
Catching up with a friend who I hadn't seen for the longest time
Valentine's Jerk Chicken
Going to the theatre with my sister
Going swing dancing with Mitch
Getting to know our flat's newest resident (more on that soon)

Also, I started up my 4 things challenge. It's only been going for a couple of weeks but I'm already making a conscious effort to change my ways:
De-clutter - I sold some old clothes on eBay (and made a tidy profit to boot).
Health - water consumption is up and I've been walking lots too!
Money - I've just payed off my silly mistake from a couple of years ago so the slate has been wiped clean. Saving can really start in March.
Do More New - as mentioned above, Mitch and I went to a Swing Dancing lesson at Drink Shop & Do on Monday night. It was but super hard. Everyone (teachers and participants) were so friendly and eager to help. They're having another lesson next month and I highly recommend it - the dance party was cool too and worth staying for after the lesson. February saw my first yarn bombing experience and I also made my first ever pie! It wasn't v.photogenic (hence lack of pics) but my god it tasted good. More pies I think...probably involving some sort of strong cheese and vegetables...

All in all Feb has been the fresh new start I needed for 2013 and it just keeps on giving, it's end is kinda like the gateway to spring!

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