Friday, 1 March 2013

nice things in the post

I love getting stuff in the mail, clearly not junk mail (leaflets, soooo many leaflets) or boring mail (I'm looking at you Orange) or potentially serious looking mail in brown envelopes (*cough* revenue and customs) or bills (leave me alone student loan people, I have nothing for you!). I'm talking about the good stuff - unexpected letters, postcards and things I've ordered off the glorious internet. Recently I've had a bout of good mail which I thought I'd share with you.

Chelsea boots - eBay
Fabric and dress pattern - The Village Haberdashery
V.cute, unexpected card from my sister.

Have you had any goodies arrive in the mail lately?


  1. that fabric is so awesome! i'm currently awaiting a parcel from your eyes lie and a new camera charger because online shopping is basically my life.

    →lauren @ in between idols.

    1. pretty aint it :) they've got some great stuff at your eyes lie - tees.

  2. good for you for receiving these lovely items in your mailbox. those boots are tots amazing! all i got this month are some income tax forms and some bill charges. hahaha!

    have a good weekend!
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  3. ah income charges - thankfully I've just finished dealing with that. Hopefully some nice stuff will arrive on the doormat soon!


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