Monday, 25 March 2013

cheap weekend

The weekend before payday is usually a bit of a squeeze but thankfully this one coincided with some rather excellent free events. It all kicked off on Friday night when I caught up with a couple of friends I'd not seen since before christmas. We'd won a pub film quiz back in November and had arranged to spend our winnings - a 50 quid bar tab in richmond. A super-cheap and bon night out was had :)

Saturday brought another free activity as the glorious Crafty Fox Market was in town. Despite the atrocious weather it was pretty busy and full of seriously excellent stalls. Being almost completely broke, I couldn't buy anything nor take part in the screen printing :( However, I did pick up a few business cards to prompt me to check out the stall holders' websites when I get paid. If I had had money I'd have bought this from Made by Me Me Me and this from Anna Wiscombe.

And on Sunday I took a trip to Somerset House to catch the last day of The Wool House exhibition - also completely free. The exhibition was a real celebration of wool showcasing its value and versatility in the form of art installations, furnishings and clothing all made from different varieties of wool. Half of the exhibition consisted of an actual wool house wherein different designers had been asked to create a room centred around, you guessed it, wool! Donna Wilson's design - the children's bedroom - was my favourite. I came away feeling very inspired and pretty gutted - there are no wooden floors in the flat so I can't really justify the need for numerous, and beautifully patterned, rugs...but one day you betcha I will!

I can't remember who made these hats but they were all made using wool from different types of sheep - they looked so cosy.

awesome rugs - left: Infinity designed by Cristian Zuzunaga. right: designed by Kit Kemp.

The Nursery by Donna Wilson. Is it wrong that I'm an adult and still really want the cloud and raindrops mobile (as well as all the cushions and blankets)?

left: amazing 100% wool felt wall in the Modern Room, designed by Anne Kyyro-Quinn.
right: loved the rustic-ness (especially that bench!) in the Natural room designed by Josephine Ryan.

left: Crochetdermy Brown Bear by Arabella McNie
right: can't find who made this but it was pretty cool and arranged in an archway - so many colourful threads!


  1. that little sailboat cushion is the best thing i've seen today!

    1. sweet - donna wilson's stuff is soooo good :)


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