Friday, 15 March 2013

knitting & stitching: spring edition

Yesterday I went to the first day of The Spring Knitting & Stitching Show, formally known as Stitch & Craft. The organisers, twisted thread, have jazzed up the event somewhat and, in my opinion, it was a big improvement on last year's show and certainly benefitted from the fact that Olympia 2 has had a much-needed makeover.

It being a work related visit I of course made a bee-line for the quilt section of the show. On this occasion it was comprised of traditional quilts made by members Quilters' Guild. These ones in particular caught my eye.
Judith Scott
You can't really tell from the pic but the pieces which make up each block are soooo small - love the geometric designs.

Margaret Rust
Only one shape is used to create this entire quilt - it's just the change of colour which makes the emerging patterns -

Sally Stott
This one was quite simplistic with the same shape repeated but what I really liked about this quilt were the fabrics. Plus there was a bit of a back story to it (gotta love a back story). The blocks were originally made in America during the 30s and 40s (hence the awesome prints) which were then joined together by Sally and her mum in 2003! Time defying quilts - yeah!

Other good bits:

The Knitted Garden, a nice change from the knitted village. People made flowers and birds even a little pond complete with lilli-pads and frog. My favourite thing was the knitted garden slug.

Textile Garden - The most amazing button shop I have ever seen! So many beautiful buttons, a girl is just completely spoilt for choice. When I get paid I want need these and these. There is no longer an excuse for boring buttons.

Liberty Lifestyle fabrics - launched at the show, the new range is just fantastic (obviously). Four colour ways of 8 beautiful designs. The fabulous Fabrics Galore were selling them at their stall so I'm hoping they'll have some left to sell in their shop by the time I get paid! This site has a few patterns from the collection but not the whole lot.

I also stopped to have a look at the Alpaca wool stall - the rugs especially were incredibly soft (and fun).
As you're probably aware (and perhaps sympathetic of the fact that) I am unable to go to a show and come home  empty handed. So this year I signed up for a subscription to The Simple Things (the first three issues are only a pound!) - the recipe below pretty much sealed the deal. I also came away with these v.pretty fabrics for only 1.50 each - bargainous.
So all in all a day which I recommend if you're into your knitting/crochet/sewing. BUT, if you do go this weekend for god's sake bring your own lunch and, if you can, coffee - they near enough amount  to the price of the ticket!


  1. Looks like you had a fun day! Great photos!

    Jo :-) x

  2. those buttons are amazing! dude, quilts are the most impressive things ever. like, how even does somebody do that???? takes some serious determination!

    lauren @ in between idols.

    1. i know right, it was sooooo tempting to break the bank and buy loads of them! yeah quilts are cool and take aaages to complete - worth it tho :)


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