Wednesday, 6 March 2013

a photo an hour (ish) #2

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far and it certainly was a glorious day in Brixton. My last attempt at a photo an hour was back in september and was basically a regular day at the office (ie pretty boring). This time I wanted to show you my typical day at the studio (actually no two studio days are the same but whatever).

9am - as you are
me: about to leave for work. moriarty: looking for breakfast. mitch: computering

10am - shoot list.
Work begins.

11am - sunny spot
quick break outside because the weather is SO nice.

midday - glass bricks.
The back wall of the studio largely consists of these glass cubes - they let in loads of light.

1pm - lunch alfresco.
We had lunch in the park behind the studio, which is also home to Brixton's windmill.

2pm - playtime.
 Despite the glorious weather there wasn't a soul insight so I had a go on the swings (and perhaps one or two of the climbing frames).

3pm - pinning.
Bag project - check out the hand modelling skills. Wild huh?

4pm - fish.
I've been admiring this towel rack for some time.

5pm - legends.
Just a couple of the photographs which adorn the walls of the studio, taken by the owner. That's nirvana at the top and prince (i think) on the bottom. There's a rad pic of Bj√∂rk in the bathroom.

6pm - carbonara
mitch made a v.tasty dinner

7pm - TV
catching-up with GIRLS

8pm - toast
evening snack of peanut butter and banana on toast. YUM.

9pm - nibbles.
 Feeding and playing with moriarty. I bought him a new thing to gnaw on and he seems to love it.

10pm - fabric
cutting out some squares for an on-going quilt project whilst watching House of Cards.

To conclude: yesterday was pretty awesome. Hope you all managed to get outside and enjoy the nice weather too!


  1. So fun. I always try to take pictures all day but somehow end up forgetting haha

  2. haha you're awesome! i could never do this. i tell myself one blog post a day but i can't do that either :p

    The DayLee Journal


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