Thursday, 28 March 2013

chilly old March

This March not only saw the hottest day of the year so far but was also one of the coldest March's on record! But that's enough about the weather...

With my 4 things challenge in mind, I've been keeping up with my changes:
De-clutter: I faced my dreaded chest of drawers this month and did a ruthless clear out (and even organised some of Mitch's clothes too - I was on a bit of a mission). Brixton is staging one of it's Give and Take events this Saturday and I've already got my stuff to donate all bagged-up. I'm not planning on taking anything (it would kind of defeat the point of de-cluttering) but I may have a little look at what's what.
Health: About two/three weeks ago Mitch suggested that we become home cook vegetarians - ie we're aiming to only cook vegetarian (and fish) dishes at the flat BUT we are allowed to order meat dishes if we eat out/someone invites us for dinner. It's mainly to help us cut down on our meat consumption but it's also been quite a fun challenge to think up and try out new recipes. We don't eat out very often and I rarely (if ever) have something meaty for lunch at work so I've been very veggie (with a bit of fish) for the last couple of weeks. I feel pretty good and the only thing I miss cooking at home so far is bangers and mash.
Money: Not much to report just yet as I was uber broke for practically the whole of March but I do have some frugal plans for April...
Do More New: Towards the beginning of the month my friend came to Brixton for dinner and instead of taking him to one of our regular haunts we tried out a brand new tapas place in the village. It turned out to be v.nice - excellent sangria. I also, very excitingly, found a Zumba class in brixton. Wait, it gets better, not only is it within walking distance from my flat but it's only 5 quid for an hour (and I mean an hour, I barely have time to gulp down some water between each song)! The woman that takes the class is bloody amazing, she has so much energy and enthusiasm. It's official: I love Zumba - it's the best thing to happen to Mondays.

Other bon things that happened this month:
Went to the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show
Caught up with some friends I hadn't seen for a while
This little blog turned 2!
I got to see lots of my family for Mother's Day
My sister got published in a magazine
Got a promotion at work (eeeeeeeeeeee! - SO chuffed)
Spent some quality time with Mitch over a whole weekend! (a moderately rare occurrence)
I'm also very much looking forward to spending Easter between my family in the New Forest and his family in Essex.

Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend too!


  1. Oh gosh, I tried Zumba twice and I sucked! Like, majorly. I could not get the hang of it but it is such a good workout! Kudos for having more coordination than I do :)

    lauren || in between idols.

    1. I look like a complete idiot when I do it but the instructor lady says that 'as long as you're moving and smiling it's all good!'

  2. Love your calendar! I rally like the idea of 'home cook vegetarianism' - we eat veggie at home such a lot anyway, it's a good way of reducing the meat consumption without giving it up completely (I'd miss burgers too much!)

    1. thanks harriet! I know exactly what you mean, we went out for dinner recently so I got my sausage + mash fix :)

  3. ahh I want to try something like Zumba but I am excruciatingly embarrassed by any form of exercise in public. good on you for doing it and enjoying it though!

    bangers and mash is high on my list of favourite meals, and I'm vege! I actually find that sausages are one form of meat that you can replace with vege versions that are really great--because a lot of the flavour of sausages comes from the seasoning. my favourites are linda mccartney's as you can get them frozen/cheap.


  4. ah linda mccartney, of course! great tip - thank you!x


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