Monday, 2 September 2013

good timing

Last friday I took the day off work and Mitch and I jumped on a national express bus down to bournemouth. Little did we know that it was actually the first day of the bournemouth air show. So, not only did I get to be beside the sea (the driving force behind the trip - I bloody love the sea and don't spend nearly enough time by/in it), we got to eat our picnic on the beach whilst watching amazing stunts performed by pilots in a number of different aeroplanes - including the red arrows! Talk about good timing eh? The beach near the pier was v.crowded but we walked westwards along the coast to a much less populated stretch of sand. Intermittent snacking, snoozing, paddling and plane watching (not to mention dog-petting) was how we spent most of the day and it was absolute bliss. On thing's for sure: I cannot leave such a long interlude between now and my next trip to the sea.
On the way back to the coach station we took a little wander around bournemouth. Although this aviary was full of so many different types of birds and the this little covered shopping bit was pretty, what I reeeeally wanted to visit was a bit too much of a trek away. Guess it just means I'll have to come back - not a bad thing at all!

Saturday was super laid back, although, it did get a little frantic in the evening when I had to finish the baby quilt (more on that another day). A late breakfast and a stroll into Brixton to get some stuff for said baby quilt was followed by a whole afternoon at Brockwell Lido. In the two years I've been living in Brixton I'd never swam in it, nor experienced the culinary delights of the lido cafe until this weekend. I'd seriously been missing out. Despite the lovely weather we had over the weekend, the pool was very quiet and I actually managed to swim a few lengths rather than just lounging around on the side in my fabulous swimming costume that makes me feel like wonder woman. Even though the setting was perfection I almost had to cut short the day's relaxing thanks to forgetting to bring sun cream and was definitely starting to burn when...the NIVEA people turned up and were giving out free sun cream! I was so impressed with their timing that I actually agreed to hold their promo beach ball and be photographed for their website. Horror and regret set in about 2 mins after they left but at least I was able to stay out in the sun for a few more hours.

And sunday was spent in the company of the most gorgeous little baby in honour of her christening. Here's Mitch having a cuddle with baby Ava. I  took this pic  just before she started to cry - good timing no? Cute.


  1. I love the red arrows! I've never been to Bournemouth, I'll have to one of these days.

    1. it's lovely on the south coast - even better if you can drive, then you can visit that bookshop AND the beach!


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