Monday, 16 September 2013

Making & Baking - a rainy weekend

Although the weekend's evenings were filled with lovely social stuff, the rain-filled daytimes meant that I didn't really venture out (apart from a v.good sesh at the gym on sunday).

Of course I was hardly stuck inside (I've got a perfectly good pair of wellies and a raincoat) but it was rather nice being cooped-up in the flat. It was, in fact, the perfect opportunity to get on with some creative shiz, in particular, needlepoint!

It took me an age to secure the canvas to the stretching frame but it was worth it. Needlepoint is probably the most satisfying thing ever, even more so than knitting or crochet and is nowhere near as scary to start as a complete beginner. With just a few uber simple stitches, which you essentially just repeat over and over, you can make a v.pretty pattern.

Admittedly I did buy the wrong type of canvas (3 strand weave rather than a single weave) which means that the patterns with vertical and horizontal stitches don't look as tight or neat as the patterns which require diagonal stitches. But hey, you live and learn. Plus, this canvas is great to practice on, I'm kinda treating it like a piece of paper to doodle ideas on. Mitch said he thought it looked nice but wondered (I detected a hint of concern at yet another craft related hobby) what I was going to make with it. I think something simple to go in a frame might be the best place to start and then perhaps a cushion.

This is my favourite pattern so far, it's called bargello (hello chevrons), and I reckon it would look pretty ace as a cushion.

I also got around to doing some baking and made some strawberry and white chocolate muffins. They don't look great - or anything like muffins - but I can assure you, they taste guuuud! I used this recipe but switched the raspberries for strawberries as we had some in the fridge. Also, I ran out of muffin cases and went for the baking paper method instead which definitely contributed to their strange shape but whatever, I'm not in the Bake Off.

After much wining and dinning at a couple of friends' houses AND eating most of the muffins I made, an hour at the gym seemed like a v.good idea. It's only been two weeks but I love it! Of course it helps massively  that it's the fanciest gym I've ever been to and is only a 10 minute walk from the flat. Feeling v.positive about my new exercise regime (at least 30 mins 3-4 times a week is the plan for the mo), now all I need to do is address my diet!

Hope you all had a fun-filled weekend whether you were in or out :)

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