Monday, 30 September 2013

a very social september

Summer's definitely on its last legs but that didn't stop it from from being one fabulous month! PLUS I made some excellent progress with the 4 things challenge :)

De-clutter: I'd bagged up a few clothes at the beginning of the month with the intention of taking them to the charity shop. And there, by the front door, they sat all month until this Saturday when, as luck would have it, another Give and Take was taking place in Brixton. I donated a box and bag of stuff and didn't hang around for fear of picking up more stuff than I'd dropped off! Unfortunately, on unpacking all of my winter clothes and reintroducing them into my wardrobe when I returned to the flat, I found quite a few other bits and pieces which could've gone to Give and Take as well. A new charity bag has been started. Goal for October is to actually take stuff to the charity shop and stick to the one-in-one-out policy on wardrobe and shoe rack. Also, I really need to start filing the paper trail connected with the wedding - I've even got the perfect folder for it!

Health: I've joined the gym! And I'm actually going to it! Current goal is 3 times a week, at least half and hour on weekdays and about an hour at the weekend. 4 weeks in and so far, so good :)

Money: What with joining the gym and saving for the wedding, it's been a bit of a poor month and it looks like October will be much the same. I really do need to curb my spending and start thinking more thriftily about really simple things like making my own lunch everyday (not just the odd day here and there and in the last week before payday). I'm also attempting to drink less booze. It's not a cap on socialising but I'm going to try sticking to two drinks in an evening which will probably benefit my health too. I think this one will be tough but hey, Ill give it a go!

Do More New: I completed my first ever baby quilt and attended my first non-family christening. I interviewed the first man to be featured in the quilting magazine at work - and not just any man - knitter, quilter, needlepoint-er, and fabric designer Kaffe Fassett (he was so lovely and his studio in Kilburn was - so many colours and patterns all over it). My parents met Mitch's parents for the very first time and I went to my first  live comedy show at the Hammersmith Apollo. Lots of new stuff :)


  1. Wow you seem to be well on your way with the 4 things challenge, you've done loads this month! I love that calendar too :)

    1. aw thanks Jo! any excuse to do some colouring in :)

  2. I feel like you and I are in the same situation with the spending habits! x


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