Wednesday, 2 October 2013

the last week in pictures

1// Location shoot - they had 3 tortoises (as well as the most ginormous house I've ever been in)!

2// Location shoot - cool mug and some seriously good banana cake with marshmallow icing. Yeah. 

3//Friday night at the Natural History Museum. Some sort of event was going on so we, along with the population of London, went along. Despite the crowds we got a good look round at stuff, I even saw a pickled humpback whale foetus which I thought was just a baby one. But no, "not fully formed yet". It was the size of my arm.

4// Natural History Museum - a game of science themed jenga.

5// Natural History Museum - such an amazing building, easily one of my favourites in London.

6// Just chillin'

7// Needlepoint doodling - I tried my hand at letters.

8// Craft Beer Brixton - much too much was consumed for a sunday night.

9// Craft Beer Brixton - this is one of the reasons why I was hungover on monday.

10// Bad Ass - dear me I look like an alcoholic but we shared this between three, over dinner at Mama Lan in Brixton Village. The name amused us greatly.

1 comment:

  1. such a cute tortoise!!

    and Crafty Beer! looks awesome boo! x


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