Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Walking around in Witley

Last Saturday Mitch and I got the train to the little village of Witley. The reason being: to have a nose around the venue which we'll be using for our wedding reception :)
After about an hour in the village hall - taking photos and measurements, just generally talking about what we're hoping to do to decorate the place - we took a v.leafy path back towards the train station. Witley is a lovely green place - sheep on one side, horses that looked like cows on the other, ducks, and lots of big old trees.

Luckily for us, it decided to absolutely pour with rain the minute we arrived at the train station and it stopped just as we emerged at Clapham Junction. After stopping off for a spiced pumpkin latte (had to be done) we wandered into TKMaxx and, omg, the clapham branch is amazing - more specifically, their knitwear section. If I had had the money I would've bought about 6 jumpers (ahem, mostly from the men's section - they have the best knitwear). Showing some restraint, I came away with 2 and I love them.

If, like me, the unusually mild October weather hasn't curbed your want for knitwear and Clapham isn't too much of an arse to get to, go! Go to TKMaxx! What I also found when perusing the knitwear rails was that it's also quite inspiring. Not only did it make me want to buy jumpers but also to have a go at making one... First though, I need to finish my scarf. It's coming along v.nicely, not long to go I think.


  1. Your scarf looks so amazing! I'm very very impressed. Witley looks like a cracking reception destination, I love the old houses. I'm going to have to check out Clapham TK Maxx, I need some bargains x

    1. aw cheers! yes, go to clapham, loads of the jumpers were around 17-25 quid! x


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