Thursday, 17 October 2013

knitting & stitching at ally pally

Last Thursday I spent the day at Alexandra Palace looking at fabric, yarn and all things textiles and creative. It was, of course, the Knitting & Stitching Show.
As packed as ever with stalls, galleries, mini exhibitions as well as fun things to get involved with. Lots to see and not enough time. What I did get around to seeing was very are my highlights:

★ Nicola Jarvis and May Morris - 'The Art of Embroidery'
This latest work from very accomplished embroider, Nicola Jarvis, was based on the designs of William and, his daughter, May Morris. I'm v.fond of Morris' patterns and designs so I thought Jarvis' stuff was ace.
★ The Graduate Showcase
Students always seem to make the best stuff and this year was no different. Lucy Jones, from the Winchester School of Art, had some cracking knits and I v.much liked Katie Jones' (of Central st Martins) work too.
★ Mandy Pattullo - 'Thread and Thrift'
I'd seen most of this collection at the festival of quilts but there were one or two new pieces. Her work is just beautiful.

★ Phillipa Turnbull - A timeline of Crewel Work 1630 - 1930
This lady had some seriously impressive examples of crewel work (entire bed spreads, bed curtains and canopies - god only knows how long it would've taken to stitch it all). She had a very strict 'no photography' rule which is a shame because the neatness and colour work was incredible. I did manage to get a quick snap of one of the less antique, but no less intricate, examples.

★ Japanese Connections
A mixture of work by 6 Japanese and 6 British textile artists. Sadly I didn't get the name of the lady that made the one below. I love how seemingly simple yet v.atmospheric it is.

★ The Rowan Wool section
I think that now I'm well on the way with making my second scarf, I'm much more interested in knitting and all the possibilities it holds. The rowan section this year was hugely inspiring - sooooo many pretty jumpers. I had a very brief chat with Sarah Hatton who has done a number of (seriously gorgeous) books for Rowan. She was lovely, v.encouraging and enthusiastic. Alice from work ended up buying one of her little books for beginner knitters. Some of the projects inside are fabulous and v.manageable. Alice v.kindly said she'd lend me the book so perhaps I'll be knitting more than a scarf this year...

Some other nice things I saw:
A detail of a piece by Sue Spooner for the Japanese Connections gallery.

These cute crochet animals which you can purchase the pattern for and make for yourself! The tiger and the wolf were my favourites, and the bat which sadly doesn't appear on the website. The collection is called Edward's Menagerie and is available from Toft.

The knitted taxi. Naturally.

All in all a very good show. I even managed to leave without buying anything for myself which is a first!

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  1. I love the knitted taxi! X Jane


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