Thursday, 31 October 2013

adventures in october

Apart from the storm on Monday it's been a very mild October. Can't say I'm a fan of it, I've got lots of snuggly knitwear to crack out and I'm getting impatient. On the whole it's been a positive month in terms of my 4 things challenge but the flat and its contents really need a good going-over...

De-clutter: Filing away any papers relating to the wedding is pretty much all I managed this month. The flat is a bit of a mess - clothes everywhere. It's starting to feel like no matter how many things I give to charity or sell on ebay, there will always be too many clothes in the flat, even though we haven't been buying tonnes of new things! They must be multiplying somehow...

Health: Gym attendance has been mediocre this month, the first two weeks were particularly poor - mostly due to the weekend in Snowdonia but I can't blame the mountain for everything. The second half of October has been much better - back to three times a week. Our stint of only eating veggie at home seems to have come to an end what with a few chicken dishes (and a roast dinner) taking place this month. However, the time for soups is almost upon us and, seeing as I'm not a fan or meat soups, I think my veggie in-take will soon be on the up again.

Money: I made my lunch almost everyday (apart from 4 occasions) this month and I do believe I saved myself a small fortune. This is something I clearly should have started doing a lot sooner but hey, at least the penny has finally dropped! The trip to Snowdonia left me slightly poorer than usual by the time payday arrived, but no regrets as I had a great time away from London on what will most definitely be my last holiday for some time. Saving continues pour le wedding.

Do more new: Loads of new stuff happened this month including: trying out some new-to-me pubs in peckham, meeting 6 other lovely bloggers at a get-together in camberwell, a trip to Snowdonia where I climbed (or rather scrambled) up a mountain, went to give notice of marriage at lambeth registry office, visited my friend's new flat and met his v.nice flatmates. October has been the prefect mix of meeting lots of new people and achieving something pretty awesome that was completely out of my comfort zone, thanks Snowdon.

Et toi? How did your October shape-up?

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