Friday, 11 October 2013

south london love

Last weekend Mitch and I spent a glorious couple of days soaking up the sights of south london.

Saturday - Brixton
Well, yes, we do live in Brixton so most saturdays do start there but this weekend was different as the Crafty Fox Market was in town. Taking up its regular occupancy in the Dogstar, it was packed with a fabulous variety of designer/makers. My sister and I spent a good couple of hours perusing the stalls. She got a few cards and I picked up this lovely necklace (below) from Kate Rowland and bought this plate from JimbobArt for a friend's birthday. Had I had more money I would've splashed out on one of these tees from Skev. A delightful day as ever. If you missed it this time, worry not. I do believe there's going to be another one before Christmas.

Saturday Night - Peckham
Mitch and I headed to The Gowlett for pizzas (it's a nice old boozer and the pizzas were very tasty but they did take about 50 mins to arrive) before heading to the The Montpelier for a friends' birthday. Leaving the chilled-out relaxed atmosphere of the gowlett and arriving at the completely over-crowed Montpelier was a bit of rude awakening. We opted to stand outside until we were ushered in at 10:30 at which point it was so crowded inside there wasn't really anywhere to stand. Safe to say, I don't think I'll be going back there again on a saturday night. The evening picked up when we moved onto Canavan's pool hall. A bizarre little set-up with a bar area, dance floor and, surprisingly enough, a pool hall at the back. The perfect place as it provided a whole new activity (aside from just sitting down) for those who didn't fancy dancing! When we eventually departed for home the night bus was about a 15 min journey. Bliss.

Sunday - Forest Hill
Having been wanting to go for over a year, Mitch and I finally got ourselves over to The Horniman Museum. It's a lovely little place with a very interesting collection. We took a wander around its pretty gardens - reading all about the various plants they grow and how they're used in medicine - before heading inside to look at the natural history stuff. For obvious reasons it's nowhere near as grand as the NHM at south ken but it has some great specimens including the famous Walrus. The main bit is free entry and as the museum is only a 20 min bus ride from Brixton station I'd highly recommend it for all south londoners :)

Wednesday - Camberwell.
Two nights ago, the lovely Jo organised a south london bloggers meet up at The Tiger. Amid ale, chips and yarn, the seven of us - Jess, Siobhan, Jo, Amy, MichelleLeigh and myself - had a good old knit/crochet and a chat. It was a evening and they were a  lovely bunch! Plans to meet up again are on the cards :)
Knitting in progress.
I started a new scarf in the week, which I brought to the craft/bloggers meet up in camberwell, the pattern is definitely starting to take shape. So far so good!


  1. Mmm i like the pizzas at The Gowlett, we used to live just round the corner (although kinda still do...). Not so keen on The Montpelier either actually, one of those over middle class pubs I think, pah!
    Haven't been to Canavan's pool hall, it seems a bit err... rough around the edges? Ha! Was it ok?

    Lovely meeting you the other day, hopefully see you soon? x

    1. haha - yes that's a pretty perfect way to describe canavans but it was pretty cool. Kinda like the fact that you can do a bit of dancing and then break it up with a game of pool!

      It was such a lovely evening - thanks for organising it :) I'm definitely up for another meet up soon! x

  2. What a cracking looking scarf! I live in Saaaafff London and need to explore more. Brixton is high on my list. I'm now definitely going to check out this museum in Forest Hill! xx

    1. Cheers - just had a look at your scarf too, v.impressive! Even though I've lived here for 2 years there's still loads of stuff in south london I've yet to do! Horniman museum and Brixton are definitely worth a visit or two :)

  3. I love the horniman museum, such a little treasure for south east london, glad you enjoyed it too. Ive heard lots about the crafty fox lately, must take a little gander over to it sometime, heard its knocking about sometime soon with christmas delights??

    1. Yes, the crafty Fox is ace and you've not got long to wait for the next one - 7th and 8th of Dec at the dogstar :)


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