Saturday, 31 August 2013

August: a month of two halves

As you might be able to see from the picture, this month was v.much split in two - the first being packed full of social happenings and the second was super chilled.

4 things challenge update:

De-clutter: Apart from a few ebay sales I've not been doing so well on the de-cluttering BUT on the plus side I've totally curbed my spending (at least on clothes anyway)!
Health: I drank waaaay too much booze in August so a bit of a detox is on the cards for september - I'm not cutting it out altogether just reducing the intake. Also, I've got a free trial at the rather sexy brockwell lido gym next week which will hopefully lead to a membership!
Money: Saving is in full swing and I've created a helpful spreadsheet to keep track of all the wedding costs that we've paid and need to pay - who knew that creating spreadsheets could be so satisfying?
Do more new: We took our first day trip ever using national express and journeyed south to bournemouth - such a lovely day - AND we also went for a swim for the first time in brockwell lido (and enjoyed lunch in the lido cafe). Yup, I finally braved the unheated waters of the pretty 1930s pool and, man, I'm glad I did.

September's shaping-up to be just as busy as the beginning of August what with several drinks and dinners planned, not to mention my sister's birthday, a family reunion and a live comedy show - the start of autumn is looking good :)

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