Thursday, 22 August 2013


Despite a much quieter week I still feel like I need to find my bearings with august. How is it the 22nd already?! 

We reached a very exciting milestone last friday :D

A trip to Norfolk at the weekend to see my grandparents also involved a stop off at a windmill and the opportunity for Mitch to pose with a rather beautiful car.

Mitch and I popped into the Great British Beer Festival on Friday with the view of staying for a couple of hours. A lot of half pints later and we were being kicked out after enjoying a thoroughly good evening  which not only included beer but also a few games of thumb wars, meeting lots of new people and eating spaghetti carbonara (made by two sicilians) at 1am. Spontaneous evenings - you just can't beat them.

Another beautiful house for a location shoot last week. It had a willow tree in the garden. I do love willow trees.

New books! Birthday book token has finally been used up. I think I spent it wisely.

As a treat to myself, I bought some new pens. Is there anything better than a new set of pens? I very much doubt it.


  1. mmmmm new books!! new books always smell so good.

    mmmmm new pens!!

  2. willow trees are so beautiful, aren't they. the beer festival sounds like it was great! also, those pens are exciting me way more than they should. nothing beats new pens! xx

  3. That windmill looks amazing! I wonder if people in the future will feel as fondly of the industrial buildings we leave behind as I do about windmills!


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