Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tuesday's Tees - 36t5

Something a bit different for your Tuesday's Tee instalment today...

I just came across this guy - Andi Best - who's set himself a challenge called Three Hundred and SixTee Five. The aim? To wear a different t-shirt everyday for a whole year. This is his website where you can check his progress (he started in January so he's over half way) and, should you fancy it, donate an old tee for the cause! He states that although he has a lot of tees, he doesn't have enough to not wear the same one twice in a year. A lot of the donations have come from his family and friends but I was happy to see that a few of my favourite tee based sites have jumped on band wagon and sent him stuff! All 365 of the tees are being donated to a clothing charity at the end of the year. Pretty fun eh?


  1. It's like the opposite of the Uniform Project! He's got a really cool collection developing. I wonder if it will be hard to part with all of them when the year is up?

    1. I reckon so, there's a few out of print clothing tees in that pile!


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