Wednesday, 28 August 2013

pay day!

It's pay day! Huzzah! 
Now, although I'm trying extra hard to cut my spending on frivolous things - I've got a gym membership to purchase after all - there are a few things which I most definitely have my eye on...

1. This fabric from the Liberty Lifestyle collection
2. Out tomorrow, it's the last book in the trilogy of Margaret Atwood's dystopian future. The lady herself was actually in the UK for a talk yesterday at the southbank, pretty gutted I missed it.
3. Underwear. If I only get to buy one thing from this list this month it's got to be some new underwear - comfy everyday ones (like these ones from uniqloand some fancy ones too.
4 & 6. I need an autumnal-ish pair of shoes that aren't my converse. This t-bar pair from Topshop are cute as are these loafers from ASOS.
5. Having experimented with dressmaking from a pattern, I'd like to give Colette's Laurel dress a try. I do love a shift dress and this one comes with a free download of some extra embellishments you can add to it.
7. The weather is definitely getting cooler so that must mean I can justifiably start on my next knitting project hopefully using flecked wool...


  1. I've heard great things about the Laurel dress! You should definitely go for it.


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