Monday, 12 August 2013


There's been a lot going over the last two weeks which explains the rather quiet time on here. Birthdays, cocktails, dinners, interviews, catch-ups, people to stay, festivals - you name, it happened more than once since the beginning of august! Now, although I had a bloody good time, I'm committing myself to a kind of detox - my liver and bank balance will certainly thank me. Anyhoo, here's a few pics from the last two jam-packed weeks.

Coppa - a v.cute little pop-up v.close to London Fields. You can't see it in the picture but they have, deckchairs and benches to sit on, or you can book a hut! (They're basically garden sheds but each is decorated completely differently - they're pretty cosy.) I highly recommend this lovely little roof-top joint. Delish food but a little pricey (best to order a bunch of things and share between a group). The zucchini frites and lamb skewers were particularly tasty. The drinks were also lush. A good cocktail list, my favourite being the bitter lemon.

Two sunday's ago Brixton celebrated the Splash Festival - kinda like a street party only waaaay bigger. We only stayed long enough to eat some goat curry and have a bit of a wander round as I was a little worse for wear thanks to a weekend of almost solid boozing :/

Cracking on with the baby quilt. We received and invitation to the baby's christening which means I now have a deadline and it's not far off!

And what about you - anyone else having a super busy summer?

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