Friday, 2 August 2013

silent disco & the science of speed

On wednesday a small group of us went to Science Museum Lates. For those not in the know, every last wednesday of the month the science museum re-opens it doors at 6:45 and welcomes you to an evening of seemingly rather random fun things to do based around a theme PLUS a few regularly occurring bits including silent disco, pub quiz and speed dating!

 July's theme was speed so there was a whole host of talks covering anything from clock and time technology to free runners and an actor playing the role of the last man to set foot on the moon! Also speed cup stacking and even a beep test (I did not partake as memories of the beep test at school still haunt me - how could that ever be seen as fun?!).

We, of course, made a bee-line for the silent disco. It did not disappoint. There's something pretty special about listening and dancing to 'baby got back' whilst reading about the moon landings. The lighting in the 'exploring space' bit of the museum is absolutely perfect for a disco and the two DJs gave a great choice of tunes. so. much. fun.

After a good ol' dance we went for a wander around the museum as much of it was still open. (I swear that every time I go there I always find something I'd never seen before.) We caught a talk by someone from the team predicted to be the winners of the World Solar Challenge 2013. Their team had designed and constructed a car (also at the museum) due to race 3000km in the Australian desert powered on nothing but solar energy. Cool huh? and v.interesting.

I was a little gutted that we didn't get around to the Rollapaluza Roller Racing or the Speed Derby but the time passes super quickly and you've only got until 10 before the science museum kick you out. The next one is on Aug 28th and I fully intend on going. If you're London based I think you should too - it's a strictly over 18s affair, completely free AND they give you lollipops on the way out. Convinced? Good!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I've been wanting to go to the Science Museum lates for ages, I really need to get into gear and go!

    1. It's taken me forever to finally get around to it but it's a lot of fun and a v.different way to spend a wednesday evening!


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