Monday, 2 June 2014

cross pattern baby quilt & a weekend in essex

That was probably one of the best weekends ever! Not only was the sun shining but I spent two very different but bloody marvellous days in Essex. On Sunday we had a converging of mine and Mitch's parents at a lovely pub called The Cricketers. I was told that it was something of a big deal food-wise and it was! I had the most delicious pie (alas no pictures as I was too busy stuffing my face). If you happen to find yourself driving around the stunning Essex countryside near Clavering, I highly recommend a visit, although you may need to book in advance, it's a v.popular place.

On Saturday, a small group of uni buddies and myself journeyed to Leigh-on-Sea for our v.good friend's baby shower and to meet her (very) new baby! Her sister did an excellent job of decorating the house and laying out the cutest spread (baby carriage eggs!). I really wish I'd taken more pictures as it looked amazing. And the stars of the afternoon? Well it goes without saying, he was unbelievably adorable and my friend looked fantastic; it was really hard to believe she'd only given birth two weeks before!

A few people were wondering why the baby shower took place after the birth as I think "traditionally" (are they a tradition? I know nothing) they happen while the mother's still pregnant... Any-hoo, I think having the shower after the baby arrived was perfect – we got to meet the bubba and lavished Lauren with gifts. And talking of gifts, I managed to finish the baby quilt just in time! I seem to be making a habit of doing things at the last minute. Here's the finished blanket...

It's a pretty simple cross pattern which was actually v.straightforward to construct. Saying that though, I think I went about it the wrong way – joining long vertical strips rather than doing sections at a time – you can see that some of my points don't match quite as perfectly as they should.

The simple construction and cross shape meant that I could have a bit more fun with the quilting, trying out different designs and patterns etc. I quilted it all by hand which is what I prefer to do anyway; it's a nice break from sitting at the sewing machine. Fabric wise I just raided my stash which, for the first time in a long time, is now looking rather pathetic (I'll just have to do some fabric shopping - it's a hard life). I didn't have enough blues so I threw some greys into the mix. It was a bit of bugger to plan out but who am I kidding, I really love the planning stages and working out how all the colours will fit together.

I was super happy to find the fabric for the backing. They're little VW beetle-like cars which was perfect as Lauren got given an original beetle for her 21st whilst we were living at uni. The fabric was from Fabric Rehab but I actually bought the last 1m - talk about lucky!
The last thing I wanted to mention was the label. I know it's nowhere near perfect but my embroidery skills are definitely improving (too bad I failed to get a non blurry picture of it though)! I really love making baby quilts, not only do they  take about two months to complete (and that was me taking my sweet time) it's proper lovely when the person they're intended for really likes it. Lauren did so I was v.happy indeed :)

Hope you all had fabulous weekends too!


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt! It's something I'd really like to try my hand at, but I'm not sure I have the patience (plus I am absolutely rubbish at binding things).

    1. ah thanks Janet :) to be fair my binding skills are pretty poor but with every quilt they improve slightly. You should see the hash I made of binding my first quilt!


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