Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dog Stars & Crafty Foxes

Last weekend I went along to the Dogstar, a big old pub in Brixton which had opened it's doors to The Crafty Fox Spring Market. If it rings a bell it might be because I raved about their winter one last year. And, just like the Christmas one, it didn't disappoint.

On the Saturday I had company whilst perusing the varied stalls full of beautiful badges and necklaces, awesome cushions and cards, fun plushies and soft toys, not to mention all the wonderfully crafted coasters, clothing, bags, tea-towels, notebooks, ceramics and prints. I knew my sister would love it and she did! Animals were a big theme throughout the market, Katie was drawn to Stacie Swift's excellent illustrations whereas I particularly loved the cushions at Butterscotch & Beesting however I couldn't afford her circus flag cushions so opted for a little zip-up purse in the same fabric, I love it v.much. Other highlights included: Alice Potter's pretty patterns, handmade books by Maudie Made, the witty illustrations of Jimbobart and the bannoffee cupcakes from The Teas Knees. To finish off the Saturday I also learnt how to knit :D! The lovely people on the top floor of the pub were offering free knitting and crochet workshops. A very patient lady managed to teach three of us first time knitters how to cast on! Knitting is completely addictive and I am huuugely tempted to invest in some knitting needles come payday!
Stacie Swift's illustration

cupcake (with chocolate flake!) from the Tea's Knees and my purchase from Butterscotch & Beesting

Katie (red) knitting in progress

my (yellow) knitting

On Sunday, I returned on my lonesome to the Dogstar with the sole aim to print my own design on a tote bag. Because, yes, that's what the Crafty Fox was offering for a mere £5. Thanks to the cheery Mr Wingate that was the best fiver I've spent in a long time. And don't worry if you missed it - he does screen printing workshops at his studio in east London! Before exiting I couldn't resist this delightful print by Sam Blown or a vanilla cream cupcake from Relay Tea. All in all I had a completely fabulous weekend, and the weather wasn't bad either!
my tote bag screen print

Sam Blown illustration


  1. Lovely post, thank you :)


  2. I'm so happy you like your purse, Annie. Thank you x


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