Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tuesday's Tees - make the most of it

What do you do when a t-shirt no longer fits you? Cut it up to use as rags, keep it as sleepwear, give it to charity, maybe even sell it on ebay BUT what if it isn't just any old t-shirt but a favourite which you simply can't chop up or banish to oxfam...Well there are plenty of options and today I thought I'd share one example: my t-shirt curtain.
When we first moved into our flat it was extremely unfurnished. Don't get me wrong I realise we were very lucky to have a fridge and a washing machine but other than that the flat was completely bare. We discovered fairly early on that not having any curtains (especially as we're on the main road) was quite problematic. So, what with being quite broke, having no TV or internet (or habitable living room) to keep me occupied, I kept myself entertained by making curtains for the bedroom using the available resources ie: a selection of mine and Mitch's old tees. Ta-da!


  1. my first thought was, this is really cool!

    then i saw my white fox tshirt. You cut it up????

  2. you gave it to me! I've given it a new life shielding me from the eyes of the general public, besides it would have been taken to the charity shop if it wasn't a curtain. This way you can come around and visit it anytime you like :)


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