Friday, 23 March 2012

Olympia calling: Stitch & Craft

Last weekend Kensington Olympia hosted Stitch & Craft, a four day event aimed at knitters, quilters, cross stitchers and paper-craft persons. The main port of call was, of course, the quilting section which if it wasn't for 'A Gift of Quilts' display, was rather small. Thankfully the 400+ quilts for the display did not disappoint. The quilts were made by individuals and quilting groups across the country in aid of the London 2012 Games whereby the quilts are being given as gifts, one for each of the country taking part in the Olympics and Paralympics. Some of my favs below:

Detail from Suzanne Foster's quilt - she's used fabrics from the V&A shop which are absolutely beautiful 

This quilt by Hilary Sherratt really stood out from the others - I love how different it is

A bit more traditional but tres jolie, made by the Baker Street Babes

Very busy but super pretty quilt made with Liberty Print fabrics, submitted by the Ouse Valley Quilters Evening Group.

Detail of the Ouse Valley quilt

Also on show at Stitch & Craft - the knitted village (which was exactly what it sounds like).

Other highlights included: the knitted dogs (and cats) by Best in Show authors Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, Big Knitting with Ingrid Wagner and Linzi Upton's quilted yurt!

Some things that completely baffled me: catering staff (loudly) bitching about and even berating customers, not enough seating (I guess this is always the way at these events) and lastly, on the bottom floor where the paper craft section was, a woman was giving a demonstration to promote a book to doodle. Seriously. This woman was actually showing people how to draw repetitiously - lines, circles etc - in order to create a pattern stating "no artistic talent is needed for this I promise you". She was basically drawing what you'd doodle in the margins of exercise books or what I draw whilst I'm on the phone. I don't normally rant on here but this was simply ridiculous. To make it worse, there is some woman out there who's making money from selling these books about how to doodle! Doodling is a completely spontaneous action and the thought of buying a book to show you HOW to achieve it is just insane. *rant over* (sorry about that)

Round up:  Stitch & Craft as a show was alright but kinda small, it's no Knitting & Stitching at the Ally Pally. One thing I almost forgot, whilst taking a breather from wondering around and enjoying a cup of tea, a lady approached us from a tv production company, the very same company that brought us The Great British Bake Off. Turns out they're making a sewing themed show too...

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