Wednesday, 14 March 2012

When I grow up I want to be...

Last weekend a very good friend celebrated her 25th by throwing a fancy dress party, the theme: come as what you wanted to be when you were little. So, I had a good long think about my younger self and what she wanted to do as an adult. I loved drawing, writing and making things - particularly with plasticine - (nothing much has changed there) but I couldn't say that I'd actually wanted to be an artist or writer or animator. I called my mum and asked if she remembered whether I'd expressed any particular interests in possible professions. The answer was no, I'd never really said anything about growing up and doing this or that. I reckon as a child I was probably so involved in the 'now' (whatever character I was drawing or comic I was writing) that the distant future of adult-hood never really caused me much concern, secondary school changed that of course - cue panic about where my life was heading and "career planning". Aside from entering the idea of becoming a writer, and that's certainly taken a back seat, I've never really known what I wanted to do... Anyway back to the party, my mum did say one thing though: I was always very interested in my dinosaurs - trips to the natural history museum were an absolute treat. And so, I went to the party as a dinosaur fanatic, not quite a paleontologist because that includes ALL prehistoric life and I was just all about the dinosaurs. The Iguanodon was my favourite.

The party was awesome, the hosts provided food, jagermeister AND vodka jelly, the flat was indeed and everyone made lots of effort on their costumes. I was initially worried about the fancy dress element but on reflection it was a brilliant theme not just as conversation starters but also the opportunity for a creative riot! Fav childhood aspirations of others: Indiana Jones, Noel Edmonds and The Pope.

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