Friday, 13 April 2012

easter weekend round up

And what a fabulous weekend it was. I started work on a new project, indulged in a little typography, organised my fabric stash, spent a lovely afternoon in Covent Garden with the parents, went to the London Graphic Centre (it's full of pretty much everything I want to buy - pens, paint, craft supplies, paper, card, notebooks, more pens - it took some serious restraint to only spend a fiver), stopped off at Dover Books (a tiny little bookshop selling the most beautiful design books) and picked up Print & Pattern (courtesy of m&d), visited Mitch's family in Essex and took part in an extremely fruitful egg hunt (seriously, I've never seen so much chocolate), spent a very rainy easter monday watching A LOT of tv - catching up with the new episodes of Mad Men and Game of Thrones *joy* and lastly, gave the blog a bit of a re-style!
Here's a sneaky peek at the inside of Print & Pattern - it's full of beautiful prints and patterns (duh) by illustrators and designers. It's written by, or compiled by, Bowie Style (aka Marie Perkins) and originally started out life as a blog. Actually it is still a blog, if you like design and patterns you should check it out, Bowie Style is there posting up even more beautiful prints. Not only is the book (and blog) a pleasure to flick through it's also quite inspirational...hence my bank holiday doodlings :)


  1. i absolutely love your hand drawn banner! i attempted to draw one when i was first setting up my blog...but an 'okay' drawing makes a super horrible banner i quickly found out. yours looks awesome. and i'm really enjoying looking back through your posts!

    1. thanks Jesse! I'd wanted to do a hand-drawn banner for ages but I've only just got around to it!


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